Smoke Shop In Lubbock

19th Street

One of the 3 Locations in Lubbock is our 19th street Head Hunters Smoke Shop is the middle child, but doesn’t disappoint. The largest smoke shop in Texas (at least to our knowledge) including performance stage for local talent from flame working to comedians and even DJ’s and musicians located at the edge of our exclusive hookah lounge. You never know who you might run into or the art you might see. Also the base for most our corporate work. The one of a kind enormous set up will have you in shock at first glance and have you wanting to come back to see what craziness we will have in store on your next visit. Rumor has it that a major art and music recording studio is being opened next door. Who knows who we might see come in and out of the store upon opening.

3419 82nd Street

"Good Luck with your Quest".  The 82nd Street Location is our Newest Location.  Unique with 3 fast paced Drive-thru services.  Another unique feature at this location is our WALK-IN HUMIDOR with cigars. We also have our ever popular Blacklight Room. But, as you can imagine, it's bigger and better!  Top it off with our Hemp bar and we've created the Best Smoke Shop around.  Let's see where your Quest takes you!



Slide Road

From first glance, its leaves you with so much curiosity about it you just have to stop by and wonder what’s in there. The unique set up has you amazed on how much can actually fit into the store. Carrying the Largest Glass Pipe selection in west Texas and the insane parking lot promo parties have you begging for more and wondering just what exactly they will do next. Also home to the one of a kind Head Hunters Party Zone Bus. From the shop to the streets, there is no slowing them down from making a name for themselves with in the smoke shop industry. 

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34th Street

34th street Head Hunters Smoke Shop is the eldest of the three sisters. The fast paced, drive thru makes it the most convenient smoke shop in west Texas. It may look small from the outside but just scoot your car off to the back for parking, walk through the doors, and we guarantee the inside will pack one hell of a punch with its assortment of glass and largest selection of cigarillos in west Texas. This is the location where the head hunter’s legacy originated and still thrives as the number 1 drive thru smoke shop in Lubbock. It’s never a slow moment at this location and never fails to surprise with the fast friendly service, amazing fountain drinks, and some of the most original individuals you will come across in the smoke shop industry of west Texas.